Q:  Where can I find Information on tuition?

A:  Tuition information can be found by opening the Tuition and Enrollment page.

Q:  Are all activities, entertainment, transportation, extended hours included in the cost of camp?

A:  Yes, all the above items are included in the tuition.    However, transportation is not available for camp stays of less than
        four weeks or a three day program.
Q:  What does a typical schedule (day at camp) look like?
A:  You can look at a typical day at camp by clicking here.

Q:  Since there is no pool this summer due to its rennovation by the College of Staten Island, will there be other water-based activities?

A:  We will provide Water Extravaganza activities two to three times a week.  Also, we will have Drone activities where campers will learn to fly a Drone and learn about 
       navigation and the science/technology behind flight.

Q:  Is lunch included in the tuition?

A:  No, lunch is not included.  However, we do have offer a catered dining plan where a meal package may be purchased.

Q:  Are the buses air-conditioned?

A:  Yes, all our vehicles come with commercial grade airconditioning.   You can learn more about our vehicles on the
       Transportation page under the Our Difference tab.
Q:  Do the vehicles provide door to door pick up and drop off?

A:   Yes,  our vehicles will stop at your location unless the street prohibits this, which is rare.

Q:  Do campers ever leave the camp site for any reason?

A:  No, all camp activities are at our camp site. 

Q:  If I enroll my child for less than a full camp program, may I extend his/her camp stay?

A:  Yes, in most cases by far camp stays may be extended. 

Q:  Are children placed in groups according to their age?

A:  Yes, campers are grouped by age ranges. 

Q:  Are all counselors adults?

A:  Yes, we only hire college age counselors.

Q:  What are your ratios of counselors to campers?

A:  For our Early Childhood (4, 5, & 6 year olds) we maintain a ratio of approximately 6:1.  For 7 to  13 the ratio is approximately 9:1.  All groups have a
       minimum of two counselors.

Q:  Is there a cost for extended hours?

A:  No, extended hours are included in the tuition.  Extended hours begin at 7:00 A.M. and end at 5:30 P.M.