Watch and listen to what some of our parents have to say!


 Hi Mike,

 This is my son's second year at your camp and I can't be more pleased.   Every day he   comes home and tells all the fun things he did and how   he can't wait to go back the next   day.  All of your counselors are   wonderful with the kids and the directors are super   organized.  We   can't wait until next summer already!  My little one looks foward to   going   for the first time with his big brother next year!


 Carolyn Piazza

 Dear Mike,

 I was so thrilled we signed up our son at Staten Island Day Camp.  This was his     first yearin camp and we were all pretty nervous.  As this was his last day of   camp not only was he sad but he said he wants to come back next year.  Thank   you for giving our son an amazing experience and a lasting great memory.  You   are all wonderful and kind as well as very dedicated to the children.  Thank you   to ouer son's counselors who eases his fears and looked out for him and to our   bus driver who got him were he needed to be safely.  Your camp is truly   A+++++.  See you next year!


 Beatrice Montijo 

"I like Staten Island Day Camp because I know my boys are safe every day!"

                 Laura Liamero

 To  Mike Halpern & Staff,

 When I first came to see SIDC I was overwhelmed by the size of it.  I   thought   maybe this is too much for a little boy but after speaking to   you and getting a   glimpse of the staff in action I decided to give it a   try and I am so glad I did.  My   son loves it.  he is so excited every   morning to go to camp and then can't wait to   tell me all the amazing   things he did throughout the day.  The staff is   professional and caring.   From day to day activities to special events everything   is organized,   safe and the children are having a blast.  
 Thank you again for providing my son and me with a truly amazing   camp   experience.

 Very Truly,

 Lisa DeCrescenzo


 Hello Mike,

 I wanted to take a few minutes to thank ALL of YOU for all your hard work,   dedication, attention with the sincere care of my son Severino Kobryn the   entire  summer while at the camp.  Severino forged new friendships, gained new   experiences and always felt comfortable!  Severino had a blast and looked   forward to camp every day!

 Thank you!

 Angelita Rios guys ROCK!

 Dear Mike and the SIDC Staff,

 We just wanted to thank you all for another wonderful summer.  This was   Ryan's  second summer at SIDC and he had  BLAST.  Ryan Loved his counselors.   They made him feel comfortable every day.   Thank you all for your dedication   and hard work.


 Michelle and Andrew Johnston


 Dear Mike,

 Thank you so much for taking great care of the two most important people in   my  life.  In my absence I am sure you take great pride in making sure they are   safe and secure.  I go to work everyday with a head knowing they are in great   hands and for that I thank you immensely!


Marissa DelRio


 Hi Mike,

 I can't agree more with all the fun the kids are havin.  Ryan was extremely   apprehensive about going to camp where he didn't know anyone.  Turns out he's   met up with a classmate and wakes up every morning excited to attend and   comes home every afternoon raving about all the fun and he's exhausted.  I can't   thank you enough.  
 I can't believe I only found out about SIDC this year.


 Denise Citrondenise


 Hi Mike,

 I just wanted to say Thank You for giving my son a wonderful summer.  He had a   blast at camp and he really loved his counselors.  He is already stating how   much  he will miss camp and how he can't wait to be back next year!!.  Thank   you   for taqking care of him and making sure he is safe.  Every day my husband   and I   are at peace and can go about our work day knowing he is in great   hands....especially since he has a nut allergy and requires an Epi Pen.  Finally, we   were thrilled with the new buses!!  So was Nicholas.....hope to have them back   next year as well

 We will definitely be back...cannot wait!!


 Beatrice Bruzzese

  Hi Mike,

 I just wanted to say thank you for running a fantastic camp.  This is my boys first   year at SIDC and it won't be thir last.  They hads a great summeer and the       variety of activities was unbelievable.  My favorite part is that they don't leave   the campus and still have so much to do.  Every day when I dropped them off I   was comfortable knowing they were in good hands.  Your staff was incredible!   Kudos to you and your staff on such a memorable summer.  They can't wait to   come back next summer!

 Thank you agasin,

 The Conti Family

 Hi Mike,

 I want to thank youagain for providing such a wonderful experience for the campers.  The enviroment you have created affords them the opportunity to interact and develop strong and long-lasting bonds, which I believe they share for the rest of their lives.  You really do make a difference!

All my best,

Nancy J. Cooper