Introducing SIDC's Water Extravaganza and Fly a Drone Program

We will have a wide variety of water slides for all campers where there will be lots of cool fun!  Take a look

For more information call 800.301.2267

Does your summer camp program include flying drones?

Staten Island Day camp does!

It's hands on, professionally supervised and unbelieveable fun.  This highly popular program will be available to all 7-13 year old campers.  Campers will learn to take off and land, control air movement and fly an obstacle course.  This program also includes some of the principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

To learn more call us at 800.301.2267

NO Pool =N ew O pportunities

Swim Program -  This year’s swim program has been changed into a Summer Water Extravaganza and learn to fly a Drone.  NO Pool for us translates into
                                                     N  ew O  pportunities.

The College of Staten Island has decided to do maintenance on their pool thus causing our camp to take another avenue to refresh our campers with water. Unlike other camps that travel to a public pool or even into NJ, Staten Island Day Camp has made it a policy not to take our campers offsite. We bring everything to our campers! Staten Island parents have applauded this policy and are happy to know where their children always are.